"We are Specialized in the fields of Wastewater Treatment and Recycling and Solid Waste Management. Our innovative solutions are to Recycle and Re-use the Industrial Wastewater, Domestic Sewage, hazardous Industrial Effluents."

"We developed a Patented Electro-Coagulation process which is an innovative technology for treatment of many non-hazardous/hazardous wastewater."

"This concept of decentralized treatment and re-use of treated water is proven in over 150 installations in 21 + Countries covering 4 Continents."

"We can handle the most non-hazardous/hazardous wastewater that been generated from Industries such as but not limited to Paper Mills, Laundries, Slaughterhouse, Chemical Industries, Diary and Food processing, Textile, Processing, Mining, Labor Camps, Residential Districts, Distilleries, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Health- care, Hospitality, STP, Heavy Metals, etc."

"Our team of experts offer the ideal solution for the treatment tailor-made specific requirement of the customers. We are well known for our capability and reliability in offering total water solutions - study, plan, manufacture, erection, commissioning, training, operation & maintenance, service support and supply of spares. Confidents' Approach towards providing the right solution."

"We are using a unique technology to convert non-hazardous Solid wastes such as MSW, Organic, Food, Sludge, etc. to Bio Fertilizer, Animal Feed, Organic Manure."


We can offer you the best Effluent Treatment and Re-Cycling Plants, based on client requirements. The advantages of our Treatment plants are as follows:

  • Compact space
  • Lower Operating Costs compared to the chemical coagulation (up to 40% reduction)
  • Less Maintenance cost
  • Very less volume of sludge produced compared to the chemical coagulation
  • No increase of parameters unlike Conventional Systems
  • Colorless consistent Water output
  • No Climate Impact
  • System can handle shock loads & peak loads

We have installd, the Smallest is 30 m3 per day and the Biggest is 2,500 m3 per day and also, we are manufacturing compact containerized plant as per customers space and requirement.


Team Confident consist of dedicated experts possessing knowledge and experience in the following:

  • Manufacturing processes of different industries
  • Treatment methods
  • Process design
  • Product design
  • Integration
  • Engineering
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Operations and Maintenance


Ali Elshamy (CSO/Partner)

17+ years of experience in UAE Business Development, Sales and Marketing. Specialized in Environmental Sector.

Rathna Kumar (CEO/Partner)

A Technocrat with Vast Knowledge in Water Treatment and Environmental Technologies.